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Psychotherapy Session


We provide family-centered healing with our Intensive Family-Focused Therapy (IFFT) developed by Dr. Paul Sunseri. IFFT is generally covered by most insurance plans. 

Our Research-Based Program for Children and Teens

Intensive Family-Focused Therapy (IFFT) is a family-based treatment model for children and adolescents with moderate to severe mental health conditions such as self-harm, suicidal thoughts, highly oppositional behavior, depression, anxiety and substance use. IFFT is effective for children and teens who have not responded to other treatments such as individual therapy, group therapy, and Individualized Outpatient Programs (IOP). IFFT is also effective for stabilizing a child in their family home to avoid psychiatric hospitalization or residential care.

Science-Based Treatment

IFFT is grounded in science-based clinical interventions. For a deep-dive into IFFT and what it entails, along with a case study, see our article published in the peer-review American Journal of Family Therapy.

(Note IFFT was formerly called IIFT)


"For many years the only communication I had from my daughter contained anger, screaming, profanity, violence, and property damage. I didn’t think I would ever have a good relationship with my daughter again. Now, after working with Dr. Sunseri and his team, we have laughter in our house again with calm, open communication. The family dynamic has changed so much for the better."

Paul Sunseri | TEDx

Dr. Paul Sunseri is an expert in family therapy. Watch his TEDx talk for insights on the important role that parents play in improving their child or teen's mental health.

How It Works

IFFT is generally covered by most insurance plans.

Overall Family Satisfaction

New Horizons Child and Family Institute asks families to periodically evaluate our work in order for us to know if we are on the right track and meeting their needs.


The above graph shows the most recent responses to the statement, "Overall, I am satisfied with the services my family and I are receiving" (138 of the most recent responses in total). As can be seen, 100% of our families indicated that statement is completely true (83.3%), or very true (16.7%).

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