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National Conference for the Advancement of Family Therapies

Mark your calendars for 2025!

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Shifting the Paradigm

Join us in 2025 and learn why family therapy will play a key role in solving the child and adolescent mental health crisis. We are proud to host some of the most prestigious family therapy thought leaders in the world!

Pictured above: Top row (left to right)

Michael Robbins, Ph.D. (FFT), Paul Sunseri, Psy.D. (IFFT), Howard Glasser (Nurtured Heart), Phillippe Cunningham, Ph.D. (MST), James Furrow, Ph.D. (EFFT, Adele Lafrance, Ph.D. (EFFT), Suzanne Levy, Ph.D. (ABFT), and Howard Liddle, Ed.D., MDFT)

Bottom row (left to right)

Victoria De Bruin, Taylor Berends and Melissa Lowenstein

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